SAT3: Your Updated SAT Math Calculator Program for the TI84 (April ’24)

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SAT3: the updated SAT Math Calculator Program

Now you can complete 25-40% of the math portion of the SAT using one calculator program, SAT3.


SAT3 Program in use on College Board Practice SAT #3, Section 2, Module 2

Master Your SAT Math Section with Ease!

Looking to boost your SAT math score? Look no further! Introducing the ultimate tool to ace the math section: the SAT3 Math Program by

Our program tackles a wide array of SAT math question types, including:

System of 2 equations

Solving Algebraic Equations: First & Second Degree

Solve Absolute Value Equations

Plug in x-value for algebraic expressions

Solve Linear Equations from slope-int form; point-slope form; 2 point form; or, Standard Form

Quadratics: Equations in standard form; X-squared Equations; Max/Min and Intercepts for parabolas

Basic Circle Equations: from center & radius; also, sector area and arc length given radians or degrees

Percent Questions of various types

Basic Stats such as mean, median, and range

SAT3 was updated early April, 2024 to match current contents of the practice SAT tests as published by the College Board.


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