calculus tutoring
Two former mcstutoring students

What types of tutoring do you offer?

You can have math tutoring from basic math through calculus 2 or SAT math preparation.

As far as math tutoring, you can receive help in the classes you’d encounter from middle school through high school and early college. Basically, anything from basic math/prealgebra through statistics and calculus. This includes business calculus.

How long have you been tutoring?

I am a tutor with over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience. You can have help with your math class or SAT math preparation.

What types of teaching/tutoring experience do you have?

CTY, a program through Johns Hopkins, was my first job in education. I was the teaching assistant for a logic class offered at the LMU summer campus.

After that, I worked with Upward Bound (through Harvey Mudd College) my senior year in college.

Once I graduated, I worked for various test prep and tutoring companies in the LA county area and was a math/science teacher at Whittier High School.

Since September, 1997, I’ve been working with students in math tutoring and test preparation.

For whom do you offer tutoring?

My students range from middle school to returning university students. The majority, however, are in high school.

When can I have tutoring?

Online tutoring is available for your Mondays through Thursdays from 1-6 pm (PST) and Saturdays 1-5 pm (PST).

Why would I want to work with you or have you tutor my daughter or son?

Good question. About myself: I am a National Merit Finalist, member of MENSA, and a graduate of Pomona College.

More importantly, many of my students have been accepted to and have attended Ivy League and Ivy League-caliber schools. One of my students achieved a perfect score (1600) on the SAT and multiple students have scored an 800 on the SAT math section.

My kid isn’t headed to MIT. Is that OK?

While some of my students are overachievers, most have come to me in a math crisis. That is, they’re worried about passing a class, or working desperately to secure a B over a C.

So, please don’t be put off by the accomplishments of some of my students. Most often, the success story for my students is that Johnny passed Geometry or Jenny survived calculus without inordinate sleep loss.

How does subject tutoring work? How often and for how long ought I/my student meet with you for help?

Students will typically meet with me on a weekly basis from 1-1.5 hours per session. Shorter sessions are find in some cases, especially for younger students.

As students progress through tutoring, they often set sessions less often. That’s the beauty of the scheduler: you can set your sessions as needed.

How does the SAT math preparation work?

Basically, a student will take a practice (REAL) SAT at first to set a benchmark. After that, we work through an SAT math workbook on different topics germane to their needs. As we close in on the test date, we will review REAL practice tests of the SAT.

What materials would I be using if I use you for my SAT math preparation?

We use real (recently retired) tests as they are most accurate in assessing a student’s progress. Most big box test prep companies use tests that are harder than the real test, include topics not covered on the test, and use a more severe grading scale. Years ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article about this. This article forced many of the big box test prep companies to walk back their inflated claims.

What are the benefits of tutoring with you?

You can set up sessions as often or as seldom as you see fit. That way, you aren’t forced to meet at times or weeks you don’t need help.

Also, having over 20 years of experience working with a variety of students, I can almost always help repair your student’s relationship with math. That’s even if they hate math and hate their teacher. Or, they used to like math and have lost their mojo recently. If they’re willing to work, they can improve.

How do I set my introductory session?