What types of tutoring can you offer me?

You can have math tutoring from basic math through calculus 2. Or, if you prefer, SAT preparation.

How long have you been tutoring?

I have over 20 years (20,000+ hours) teaching and tutoring experience. I would like to help you with your math class. Or, your SAT preparation.

What types of teaching/tutoring experience do you have?

CTY, a program through Johns Hopkins, was my first job in education. I was the teaching assistant for a class offered at the LMU campus. After that, I worked with Upward Bound (through Harvey Mudd College) my senior year in college.

Once I graduated, I worked for various test prep and tutoring companies in the LA county area and was a math/science teacher at Whittier High School.

Ever since September 1997, I’ve been working with students in math tutoring and SAT preparation.

For whom do you offer tutoring?

My students range from middle school age to returning university students, but most are in high school. Mathwise, you can be anywhere from prealgebra through calculus 2.

When can I have tutoring?

Online tutoring is available for you Mondays through Fridays from 10 am to 6:30pm (PST).

Why would I want to work with you or have you tutor my daughter or son?

Good question. About myself: I am a National Merit Finalist, a member of MENSA and a graduate of Pomona College. More importantly, many of my students have been accepted to and have attended Ivy League and Ivy League caliber schools. I have had a student achieve a perfect score on the SAT and many students score 800 (perfect) on SAT Subject Tests.

My kid isn’t headed to MIT. Is that OK?

While some of my students are overachievers, most have come to me trying to pass a class or secure a B over a C. Others have been brought by their parents hoping for improvement. So please don’t be put off by the accomplishments of some of my students. While it would be great to make the claim that X% of my students get into the Ivy League, it has at times been more rewarding to me (and to the student and his family) that Johnny passed Geometry or Jenny was able to get through calculus without great sleep loss.

Which subjects do you tutor?

For math tutoring, you can be anywhere from pre-algebra to calculus 2.

For test prep you will likely want SAT Preparation. If you’re interested in the SAT Math Subject Test, I can help you with the Math 1 and Math 2.

How does subject tutoring work? How often and for how long ought I/my student meet with you for help?

Students will typically meet with me on a weekly basis from 1 to 1-1/2 hours per session. Shorter sessions of 1/2 hour are fine in some cases and longer sessions of up to 2 hours are fine in others.

Generally, the younger the student and the shorter the tutoring relationship, the shorter the session. Once rapport is built and math confidence has been restored, longer sessions can be more worthwhile.

How does the SAT preparation work?

Basically, a student will be taking a practice test each week on their own time. Once that is completed, we’ll meet once or twice weekly for an hour each session. This usually lasts for 5-8 weeks up to the actual test date.

What materials would I be using if I use you for my SAT Preparation?

We use real (recently retired) tests because most test prep companies provide tests that are both harder than the real test and scored on a more exacting scale. The Wall Street Journal had an article years ago elaborating this point. In fact, it led to many big-box tutoring companies to walk back some of their audacious claims.

What are the benefits of tutoring with you?

The most obvious difference with my tutoring is that after we’ve met for the initial session, you can set up sessions as often or as seldom as needed. That way, you are not forced to meet at times you don’t need to.

Additionally, I have over 20 years of experience working with students from all parts of the academic achievement spectrum. If your kid wants to repair her/his relationship with math, I can help. If your child wants to rock the SAT, I can help make that happen, so long as your child is willing to work.

How do I set my introductory session?