Free Tech Check for Math Tutoring or SAT Math Help

Free tech check for math tutoring if you’re interested in online math tutoring or SAT math help. During your free tech check session, you can check your technology to make sure it works before committing to a paid session. You can also determine whether you feel it’s a good fit for you before you continue with math tutoring.

*This is the only session I set for you manually. Otherwise, all sessions you set will be through the online scheduler. It is through this portal that all your paid sessions will be paid for and scheduled. For all your paid sessions, you’ll receive an email confirmation which includes buttons you can click to cancel or reschedule.

**This is also the only session that can be set once and NOT RESCHEDULED. So, if you commit to a time, this is your only opportunity for a free tech-check.

Communicate via FaceTime or Google Meet

We can use FaceTime or Google Meet for communication. If you don’t have access to either, you can use your phone. FaceTime or Google Meet is better as sighs, facial gestures, shrugs, and other non-verbal cues can communicate so much. If you’re frustrated, you need to take a moment to catch your breath. That’s ok. Sometimes you will need a break. You can take a moment here and there while tutoring.

If You Choose FaceTime for Your Free Tech Check for Math Tutoring

I’ll contact you the first time. Since I’m using a Mac mini to FaceTime, my contact information is not a phone number. However, after your free tech check session, please save me in your contacts. That way, you can initiate FaceTime with me in your future sessions.

If You Choose Google Meet for Your Free Tech Check for Math Tutoring

You can contact me for your first session. I’ll email you my Google contact information. That way, you can initiate your tech check session. Again, you’ll want to store me in your contacts so it’s easy to initiate Google Meet in your future sessions.

Writing Software for Your Free Tech Check for Math Tutoring

As for writing your work, you can use Ziteboard. I’ll send you a link immediately before your free tech check session. That way, you can learn how to use your online interactive whiteboard during your free session.

Ziteboard is the software you’ll want to use for math tutoring. The beauty of Ziteboard is that you can refer to your notes on any device at any time. So, right before your test, you can scroll through your phone to see how you solved that one math problem. Or, see the diagram and equation so you know how to set up the one FRQ on your test.

We’ll be collaborating on your math problems in real time. At first, I’ll be doing more work. As you become familiar with the process, you’ll be doing the lion’s share of the math work. Over time, I’ll only make suggestions, correct mistakes, or do a sample problem. You’ll gain more confidence and experience doing the work. On quiz or test day, it’ll be just another math problem like you’ve done before during your tutoring session.

Writing Tools (Hardware) for Your Tech Check Session

ONE by Wacom (Tablet); links to Best Buy

For Ziteboard to work well for you, you’ll want a touchscreen of some type. A touchscreen laptop works fine, as does an iPad or other tablet. Your best option, though, is a Wacom Tablet so that you have a dedicated writing tool. The wired Wacom is better than the wireless as there is no lag. But, if you have a gaming rig or comparable desktop, the wireless Wacom should be just fine. Just be sure you have the processing speed so there is no lag. The buffering time can be frustrating.

If you don’t have nor want to buy a Wacom Tablet, usually available for $40 to $60 at Best Buy or Amazon, then you could use an iPad or touchscreen computer. Just be sure to use a stylus. Using a stylus to help you write and solve your math problems rather than not using one is analogous to painting with a brush rather than finger-painting.

If you happen to be using a Mac desktop, you can use a trackpad. Some students use them and, though they seem a little cumbersome and blocky, they can do the trick in a pinch.

Posting Pics of Your Math Questions on a PC

To post pics of your questions, be sure to know how to use your Snipping Tool (native to PC users):

free tech check for math tutoring

Posting Pics of Your Math Questions on a Mac

If you’re a Mac user, just press Shift-Command-4. Move your cursor to the corner of the image you want and then left-click. You can then shape a rectangle around the image you want. The image will likely show up in the lower-left corner of your desktop for about 10 seconds. Click and drag it onto your Ziteboard. Once you learn this process, you’ll be able to post questions from your online math class or pictures you can take of your printed math questions.

Setting Your Free Tech Check for Math Tutoring

To set your onboarding session, complete the contact information below. Once you complete the contact form, you will receive a text from me. Then we can set a mutually agreeable time. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are the times that most onboarding sessions take place.

*As there can be a lot of requests, it might take some time to schedule your tech check. It is far better to schedule your tech check now, long before you might need math tutoring. That would be safest. So, set your free tech check for math tutoring today!