Online math tutoring for you. If you need help with your math class, you’ve come to the right place.

Online Math Tutoring Still Open 2021!

Hello & welcome to I’m Martin and I’m here to help you with your math.

If you’re in a math crisis, don’t worry. That’s how most students arrive here. Whether you consider yourself a math performer or a math-phobic, you can find the help you need here at

Math questions and problems are welcome here. You are, too. 

Feel free to call or text me anytime at 714.696.6284. While I won’t answer my phone while working with a student, I do answer every voicemail. So, if you happen to go to voicemail, I will call you back within 2-24 hours.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

How Online Math Tutoring Works

During your online math tutoring sessions, you will work with me using an online whiteboard. Basically, you’ll post your math questions and we’ll work through them together. 

At first, I might be doing more of the talking & writing as you might be a little lost. That’s ok. As you gain an understanding of how the math and technology work, you’ll participate more. 

Also, the more we work together, the more you’ll realize that I’m on your side and want you to do better in math. Once you realize I’m here to help —-and not to judge—- you’ll be bolder in speaking up, asking me questions, and letting yourself do your magic. 

This is a collaborative process and you’ll learn that you are likely not in as bad shape as you think. Just some details we need to attend to.

A lot of our sessions will work on clarifying your mechanics and correcting small mistakes. You might be making small mistakes early in solving your problems unaware how that’s affecting your answers. No biggie. That’s what we’ll work on together.

Over time, you’ll get your mojo back and math won’t be a scary monster. You’ll realize you’re a hero who can slay the math beast. It’ll still be a battle, you will make mistakes… yet you’ll emerge victorious!

Details about Online Math Tutoring

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online math tutoring

Martin has and continues to make a remarkable difference in the quality and processes of my children’s school experience beginning in Jr. High, then HBHS, and now into the college years. Martin continues to tailor his talents to best suit the needs of the student. Always reliable, polite, and keeps the parents informed. Martin has also been a wonderful role model.

-Sandra S., Huntington Beach

online math tutoring

Martin helped me to move my SAT scores from 1460 to 1980.* All my grades remained A-level the entire time in High School. I can even program calculators for my teachers now! The payoff….This week I was accepted to The United State Air Force Academy! Thank You, Martin, you rocked it for me. Best money ever spent!

-Melaine V., Huntington Beach

*The SAT was on a 2400 point scale at this time.

online math tutoring

I have been going to Martin since I was in the 8th grade and needed help with geometry. He currently helps me with calculus and my college essays. I truly benefit from every session I spend with Martin. He is a great tutor and cares about his students and wants them to succeed.

-Chase W., Newport Beach

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Final Notes

Feel free to contact me with your questions about math tutoring. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be once you get started. And, if you’re worried about the technology and how it works for online math tutoring, check into a free onboarding session. We can set one up to make sure you understand how it all works and to make sure you have the devices you need to get started.

Contact me today so you can start suffering less in your math class tomorrow!