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Online Math Tutoring Still Open in 2024!

Online tutoring for you. If you need help with your math class or your SAT, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re in a math crisis, don’t worry. That’s how most students arrive here. Whether you consider yourself a math performer or a math-phobic, you can find the help you need here at

Math can be a challenging subject for many students, and it’s not uncommon for them to struggle with understanding the concepts and solving problems. That’s where an online math tutor can help you. A math tutor is a wonderful resource for you if you need extra help with math. I work with students of all backgrounds and abilities and provide nonjudgmental support to help students succeed. I use praise rather than punishment and keep the work lighthearted.

If you want to prepare for your SAT, you’re in the right place. mcstutoring has been helping students in Southern California with their SAT scores for over 25 years. Multiple mcstutoring students have scored perfect 800s on their math sections and we’ve even had students with a perfect 1600.

Most recently, we’ve created a TI-84 calculator program to help you with your SAT: SAT3: Your Updated SAT Math Calculator Program for the TI84 (April ’24)

Benefits of Having an Online Math Tutor

Your online math tutor can help you understand the concepts and procedures of math. The individualized attention you’ll receive will help you to succeed. Focusing on the specific topics and questions that you are struggling with will help you build confidence in your abilities. The feedback will help you identify areas where you need to improve. This feedback can be invaluable in helping students develop the skills you need to succeed in math.

Nonjudgmental Support

Your math tutor provides a safe space for you to learn and ask questions without fear of judgment. This allows you to learn at your own pace. Not everyone will grasp math concepts the first time around. That’s OK. The patient and supportive atmosphere, and the individualized approach will help you. I will provide you with positive reinforcement and help you develop a growth mindset.

I mention nonjudgmental support for a few reasons. First, most students start losing their math mojo in middle school, what used to be called junior high. It’s the time when peer pressure is strongest and you’re most likely to be self-conscious about asking a question. At the same time, variables make their entrance into math and that’s when students start losing their grasp of math. Nobody wants to seem like the only one lost. Unfortunately, these two factors mix at the worst time. The result is most students are afraid of asking questions and then lose their math edge and it usually only goes downhill from here.

Then, even if you’ve made it past the gauntlet of pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry fully intact, there’s another hurdle you can encounter: burnt-out or just plain angry math teachers. I mention this because an AP Calculus student told me that he and most other students would ask questions in class only to be met with a tongue-lashing. Then, nobody asked questions in class. Everyone was lost. And the teacher must have been tone deaf because most of the class was struggling.

It’s not always the teacher’s fault. Relatives and friends of mine are teachers. But, it only takes one terrible experience to turn you off math. That’s why I try to be as chill as possible with you, the struggling student.

Experience with Students of All Backgrounds and Abilities

I’ve worked with students of all backgrounds and abilities. I understand that every student has different learning needs, and I work to meet those needs. I provide support for students who are struggling with math, as well as challenge students who are excelling in the subject. I work with students who have different learning styles and help them find the best ways to understand algebra. You’ll be surprised.

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling makes it easy for you to set up, cancel, and reschedule your math tutoring sessions. You can choose a time that works for you, and they don’t have to worry about transportation or finding a location to meet. Online tutoring also eliminates the need for face-to-face interaction, which can be beneficial for students who may feel uncomfortable meeting me in person.

The flexibility of scheduling – tutoring from the comforts of home & not being stuck on a specific schedule – have helped a lot of students. Many of you have busy schedules with sports, extracurriculars, and a bit of homework. I realize that even the help of tutoring to lessen the load helps a few students get an extra hour or two of sleep each night. That is a big advantage. Think: I can sleep more!

If you’re in basic math, we’re probably going to keep it simple, easy, and straightforward. As you progress through math classes, we’ll tend towards longer sessions, usually 1 hour in length. By the time you’re in high school, you can usually handle sessions one hour long. In a desperate situation, we may want to set a 90-minute session. Altogether, though, unless you’re in pre-calculus or calculus, 60 minutes should suffice. Just having sessions more regularly, perhaps twice or thrice weekly, is the trick. Don’t worry, you can set sessions for Saturday or Sunday afternoons, after you’ve caught up on your sleep.

You are welcome here!

Math questions and problems are welcome here. You are, too. 

Feel free to call or text me anytime at 714.696.6284. While I won’t answer my phone while working with a student, I do answer every voicemail. So, if you happen to go to voicemail, please leave a message. If you leave a message, I will call you back within 2-24 hours.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

How Online Math Tutoring Works

During your online math tutoring sessions, you will work with me using an online whiteboard. Basically, you’ll post your math questions and we’ll work through them together. 

At first, I might be doing more of the talking & writing as you might be a little lost. That’s ok. As you gain an understanding of how the math and technology work, you’ll participate more. 

Also, the more we work together, the more you’ll realize that I’m on your side and want you to do better in math. Once you realize I’m here to help -and not to judge- you’ll be bolder in speaking up, asking me questions, and letting yourself do your magic. 

This is a collaborative process and you’ll learn that you are likely not in as bad shape as you think. Just some details we need to attend to.

A lot of our sessions will work on clarifying your mechanics and correcting small mistakes. You might be making small mistakes early in solving your problems, unaware how that’s affecting your answers. No biggie. That’s what we’ll work on together.

Over time, you’ll get your mojo back and math won’t be a scary monster. You’ll realize you’re a hero who can slay the math beast. It’ll still be a battle, you will make mistakes, yet you’ll emerge victorious!

TI84 Calculator Programs

You will find a variety of TI84 calculator programs that you can download from QUAD, the program that will calculate the quadratic formula for any quadratic equation is available as a free download here. This program will even give you the discriminant form of the answers.

Also, you can find a program for solving algebra equations (ASOLVE); a program for solving anything and everything about linear equations (LINEQ); a program for answering almost everything you want to know about parabolas (PARA).

We’re making more programs, typically on a weekly basis. The next programs to be launched are an all-in-one algebra suite. It will cover the basics of solving first-degree equations, second degree equations, system of equations in two variables, simplifying a number under a radical, factoring an x-squared term, and converting decimals to fractions. After that will be an SAT calculator program focusing on the dozen most common types of SAT math questions you can use a calculator to solve.

If you’re not familiar with TI84 calculator programs, you can see this playlist so you can learn the process of downloading programs and see some of the programs in action.

Custom TI84 Calculator Programs

If you have ideas for custom TI84 programs, please mention your ideas here. We have some in the pipeline already, so it might take a few weeks to get to your request(s). Let us know and we might contact you for further clarification or elaboration on what you’d like to see in a customized TI84 math program.

Subjects Tutored

Basically, mcstutoring can cover all math subjects from basic math through calculus 2. These are the mainstream math classes covered in schools from middle school (AKA junior high) through high school and the first few years of college. Most math students I work with are in algebra, geometry, algebra 2, precalculus, or calculus. In high school, most calculus classes offered are AP calculus AB or AP calculus BC. In some universities, they may offer a more applied version of calculus called Business Calculus. 

You can also find help for your statistics class. In high school, it’s likely named AP Statistics, while in college it might go by the name University Statistics. At the local community colleges, it goes by the name of Math 160 Stats.

Pre-AlgebraAlgebra 2AP Calculus AB
AlgebraPrecalculusAP Calculus BC
College AlgebraCalculus 1Statistics
GeometryBusiness CalculusAP Statistics
Math Classes Tutored at MCS Tutoring

You can also check out our extensive playlists of math tutorials. There is a series dedicated to Math 160 Stats. In it, you’ll find over 100 basic questions answered. Don’t worry! They’re all rather short, especially for YouTube videos.


Feel free to contact me with your questions about math tutoring. You’ll be surprised both by how easy it is and how helpful it is once you start. And, if you’re worried about how the technology works for setting up online math tutoring, let me know. We can schedule you for a free tech check session. We can check to make sure you understand how it all works and make sure you have what you need to get started. With the extra time during the session, we can do some online math tutoring.

Contact me today so you can suffer less in your math class tomorrow!

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