WiFi And Other Amenities

Wifi is back!

So, if you have online work and want to bring your laptop, Chromebook, or Ipad, you will be fine. Just ask me for the password once youíre in the office.

The free wifi is available for parents, too. If you have work you need to do or just want to use the internet for leisure, feel free.

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Clean Restrooms

As most of you already know, there are now locks on the restroom doors. If you need to use the facilities, let me know. You can use the extra key in the tutoring office.†

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If you are thirsty, we have water bottles. Just ask and I can fetch you one. Please let me know if you want it chilled or room temperature.

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Comfortable Seating

Lastly, you can sit in the waiting area all the time. If there isnít a meeting currently in progress, you can sit at the conference table. Should you want a view of the outside, you can sit on one of the two chairs by the elevator. Some prefer the quiet of that area and the view of the outside.

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Any Ideas?

If you have any other ideas for amenities we should offer, please let me know. Iím open to suggestions. Thatís how I can improve services for you and your family.

Have a good day! Iíll see you at your next session.

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