TI84 Quadratic Formula Program

Your TI84 quadratic formula program is below:


However, there are a few steps you’ll have to take in order to download it onto your calculator.

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Hardware For Your TI84 Quadratic Formula Program

A TI 84 Calculator and a Mini-USB to USB cable. One came with your calculator. If you don’t have one, you can buy one here: (Amazon, BestBuy, Staples).


Screenshot 2020-08-04 14.53.09
Screenshot 2020-08-04 14.54.00
quadratic formula program ti84

Please note that these prices are taken from the stated prices at time of this post. Normally, they are much higher. 

The lowest prices occur typically mid-August.


Software For Your Program: TI Connect

You’ll want to download TI Connect. It’s free software from TI. You can download it here: TI Connect

Basically, you’ll download the TI connect to your laptop. If you’re using a Mac, you’ll click on the TI connect icon and drag it to apps on your desktop.

Then, you’ll use your mini-usb to usb cable to connect your TI 84 to your laptop. After that, click on the calculator image on the TI connect. It will search connected devices to find the connected calculator. Once it finds your TI 84 and makes a connection, you should be fine. It might take a minute for your computer to do this, so please be patient.

Downloading Your TI84 Quadratic Formula Program

You can now download the program. As it’s in .8xp format, you will need your TI connect active and connected to your calculator. Once the quad.8xp is downloaded, you can click and drag it onto your active calculator.

Now you have the program on your calculator.

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Using Your Quadratic Formula Program

Assuming you had enough RAM available to download the program, you are ready to use it.

One adjustment: you likely want to change your mode to A+Bi (here).

You can relax. So long as you’re in the realm of real numbers, your TI 84 calculator will give you real answers. It’s only when taking the square root of a negative number or dealing with complex numbers that it will provide you an answer in terms of i.

Now, as most quadratic equations are in the following format:

ti84 quadratic formula program

Please make a note of your A, B, and C values. Keep in mind that if one (or more) of these coefficients is negative, be sure to use the negative button (-) rather than the minus button.

Now press PRGM. This is where your programs are accessed. After that, you’ll enter your A, B, and C values. Your output will be in the format of X1: X2:. Basically, those are your two answers. after the X-outputs, you’ll see the fractional format using the typical quadratic:

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 1.42.00 PM
ti84 quadratic formula program

It’s just easier with video to show you how to use it all.


Hope your TI 84 quadratic formula program helps you. You can always download it here: QUAD.8xp

Also, please let me know if you have requests for other programs. I might be able to help you with other programs for your TI 84 calculator.

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