TI 84 Program Repository

Algebra through Precalculus

algdos: This program covers many functions of algebra and algebra 2.

factor1: This factors polynomials. Super handy.

vertform: Converts quadratics from standard form to vertex form.

quad: Solves quadratics; will show the answer as a decimal and with the de-radicalized discriminant.


triangle: solves triangles from any given situation: ASA, SAS, SSS, etc.

trigfunc: gives you the trig values once you type in angle degree.

unitcirc: handy for unit circle trig values.

heron: solves area of a triangle given the side lengths.


chigof: chi squared goodness of fit.

chisquare: calculates chi square.

invchi2: calculates inverse chi square.

s2int: gives interval for s2.

s2test: tests s2.

x2area: calculates chi square area.

x2gof: calculates chi-square goodness of fit.

x2val: calculates chi-square values.

zscore: calculates any aspect of z-score: can solve for missing variable.

zzinewt: this program is needed for most of the brains of the stats programs.


euler: calculates Euler approximation

ram: calculates approximate area using right, center, or left rectangles

Simpsonr: calculates Simpson’s rule for area under a curve

slopefeld: calculates slope field and graphs it


cirmot: all the circular motion equations; solves for any missing variable


ionlist: list of all ions and their charges. Helpful for an intro chem class.