TI 84 Graphing Functions

TI 84 Graphing Function Basics Y= linear function

Learning your Ti 84 graphing functions is easier than you think. To get started with graphing on your TI-84, you can start with a simple linear function. Follow the instructions and keystrokes in the video and you’re on your way.

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TI 84 Calculator: Y= multiple functions

Good news is that you can graph multiple functions at once on the same set of axes. This can help you gauge how a transformation from a parent function might appear.

Also, as you get deeper into graphing functions on your TI 84, you can see the points of intersections of two graphs, see the tables side by side on a table-view, and even see the tables to two or more graphs on the same screen as the graphs themselves. More on this later.

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 Select and Deselect Functions

Sometimes you might want to keep a function in your TI 84 calculator’s memory without graphing it. You can do that. It’s called deselecting a function. You can keep it in memory without graphing it.

This is valuable to you if you want to graph multiple functions, but see them one at a time. Watch and learn. It will save you from entering the function again.

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Y= line options and Inequalities

In order to differentiate between functions on your TI-84 calculator, you can select different types of lines.

If you have a TI-84 Plus, you’ll follow the instructions in the video. In case you have a TI-84 Plus CE, you can choose between different colors. However, all versions of the TI 84 show the same types of icons for graphing inequalities. For greater than, it’s a small triangle in the upper left-hand corner. For less than, it’s a small triangle in the lower right-hand corner.

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TI 84 Calculator Graphing Functions Basics Y= recycling a function using VARS

Sometimes you might want to use part or all of a function you’ve already graphed. You can do this by recycling it, saving you keystrokes.

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TI 84 Calculator Graphing Functions Basics Y= intersection of two functions

Here are the instructions on finding the intersection point(s) of two functions. It will work so long as you have at least two functions on the graphing function screen.

Be careful, though. You want to make sure you’re selecting the correct functions if you have more than two graphed. You’ll see the questions the calculator asks as you do this. Usually the function equations are posted in the top or bottom row of your calculator screen.

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Window TI 84 Graphing Calculator

While there are different options for changing your viewing window dimensions, this one works best in my experience. By changing your x-max, x-min, y-max, and y-min, you can tinker to make sure your graph fits on the screen. This is especially helpful for upper-level math courses when you have to graph real-life situations. In most of these cases, you’ll be limited to the first quadrant.

No worries, you can always change back to your default -10 to 10 for x and y by pressing Zoom and selecting ZStandard.

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Viewing All Your Graphs At Once

If you want to see all your graphs at once, follow along the video.


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Graphing Format TI 84 Graphing Calculator

There are all types of settings you can change to modify your graph. You can change between rectangular and polar coordinates, turn the axes off, label or unlabel your axes, etc.

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Trace TI 84 Graphing Calculator

If you want to know your x and y coordinates as you move your cursor along your graph, this is the video tutorial for you. It’s handy, especially if you want to know approximately when there is a turning point or vertex in your graph.

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You might want to see the table of your graph. Even if you have multiple graphs displayed, you can see the table of values. Depending on your location, textbook, and instructor, this table might go by different names. Sometimes it is called a table of values, other times and x-y chart, and even a T-chart. Whatever you prefer to call it, here’s how to view it on your TI 84 calculator. 

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Table Setup TI 84 Graphing Calculator

Not only can you see your table of values, you can change where it starts and alter the jump in table values. You can even have the table display y-values for x-values that you input. This is handy for questions that ask specific function values for very different x-values.

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Finding a (Y) value of a Function TI 84 Calculator

This is similar to the last function. Basically, you can go to the home screen and check y-values for specific x-values without having to scroll down on your table.

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If you have specific questions about graphing on your TI-84 graphing calculator, please ask. Quite likely I’ve made a short, 1-minute video answering your question already.

Please check out the mcstutoring YouTube channel here. If the video you want to see has not been made, let me know. Happy to make one for you.

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