TI 36X Pro Calculator

The TI 36X Pro calculator is the best bang for your buck as a scientific calculator.

TI-36X Pro Calculator

Its top features:
-Table for equations. This simplifies graphing and helps you find solutions, roots, and intercepts.
-Polynomial Solver. Solves equations up to the third degree. No more having to solve the quadratic formula by hand.

-Simplifying Radicals: See image below:


Calculus: You can calculate derivatives at a point and definite integrals.
-Matrix: Useful not only for solving matrices, but also for solving multiples systems of equations.
Imaginary Number: You can now solve and simplify complex number expressions.
-Stats: 1-variable and 2-variable statistics calculated via lists (up to 3 lists at a time)
We will address the best features from among the offerings of the TI 36x Pro calculator:

Table of Equations

This feature will furnish you with an X-Y chart (aka T-chart) for any function you enter.

TI 36X Pro
TI 36X Pro

From this chart, you can plot the points on a set of axes to make your graph.

TI 36X Pro
TI 36X Pro

This calculator will do everything you need to plot a graph short of displaying the graph itself.
Also, from the displayed table, you can find the solutions (where y-values are 0).
From this, you can also find the factors;
x-(-3) = x+3; x-(-2)=x+2.
Pretty good for a $20 calculator.

Simplifying radicals and radical expressions

By changing the mode to mathprint (last page of mode options), you can direct the calculator to display the simplified (re-radicalized) form of a radical expression.


Polynomial Solver of the TI 36X Pro

Utilizing this feature, you can find immediate solutions for second degree (quadratic) equations as well as third-degree equations. This feature solves them faster and more directly than even a TI-84 calculator (without programs).

TI 36X Pro
TI-36X Pro


How can you unlock more about the TI-36X Pro calculator?

To learn how to access the full functionality of your TI 36X Pro calculator, set up a session.
Itís best if you have specific questions to ask. These could be in the form of general questions (how to find the definite integral; how to find the standard deviation from a list), or a worksheet for your class with various topics from algebra, trigonometry, precalculus or calculus.
Contact me or set up a session to make your math life easier.

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