Setting Your First Test Prep or Math Tutoring Session

Setting Your First Session

Welcome to and thank you for setting up a preliminary test prep or math tutoring session.

From the site, you’ll click on the SCHEDULE A SESSION button.

From this page, you’ll click on the FIRST TIME CONSULTATION button.

Setting Your First Session

Selecting the Date and Time of Your Preliminary Test Prep or Math Tutoring Session

Immediately, you’ll see a drop down of available times for your first, hour-long session. Even if your future sessions might be 30 or 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes, one hour is a good length to gauge whether it is a good fit for test preparation or math tutoring for you.

Click on the time you see that works for you. Should you wish to set a preliminary tutoring or test prep session more than a week in advance, just click on MORE TIMES.

For this tutorial, we’ll select May 10th at 1 pm.

Then click CONTINUE.

Then you’ll fill out the boxes with your name, phone number and email.

Your Information For Your First Session

These are all so that the site can email you a confirmation, and text you a reminder prior to your session.

Only first time students will be asked to provide this information about the student, such as grade level, test prep or math tutoring, and additional details.

If there is particular information you’d like me to know more than the bare essentials, you can enter it here. Otherwise, you can leave it blank.

Paying for Your Preliminary Session

You can pay via PayPal. Since PayPal accepts credit cards, you needn’t have a PayPal account to pay for your session.

An important detail: you can reschedule or cancel up to 6 hours before the set time of the session by clicking on the appropriate link in your confirmation email.

After Your First Session

Thanks and contact me through the site if you have further questions.