SATMATH program, Solving Systems of 2 Equations

System of 2 Equations, as solved in your SATMATH program

Your SATMATH program, available from, has multiple submenus. The first is Algebra Equations. That menu has three submenus, the first of which is solving a System of 2 Equations.

This video shows the 3 different types of answers for a system of 2 equations. Most of the time, you’ll have a system of 2 equations with one unique solution, as in the first example, with X=1, Y=-2. Unless your instructor is diabolical or your test is tricky, a unique solution is what you’ll encounter about 80-90% of the time. If you were to graph these, the unique solution system of equations would intersect at one and only one point.

The other types of system of equations will be either no solution or infinite solutions. In the case in the video, both of these examples are simply labeled: No Unique Solution

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By Martin

Martin McSweeney is a National Merit Finalist, Pomona College Graduate, and member of MENSA. He has worked at the Center for Talented Youth (Loyola Marymount University campus); Upward Bound (Harvey Mudd campus); various test prep companies; and Whittier High School. Now, Martin helps students of all abilities improve their relationship with math.