SAT Preparation

SAT Preparation with an individual tutor possessing equal parts competence and compassion. Work on your SAT with a National Merit Finalist with a sense of humor and patience. You want to improve your SAT score as efficiently as possible. Why not enjoy the journey?

SAT Preparation Your Student Won’t Hate

SAT Preparation can be an ordeal for students. First, students have heard many a nasty rumor. Perhaps they’ve heard a story about how the test is impossible. Or, they’ve known a friend who scored terribly. Maybe they’ve seen a peer have an emotional breakdown after the test.

All of these stories, regardless of their source, have made the SAT into something of a mythical monster.

And it’s a common misconception that the preparation should be painful and punitive. Some SAT Preparation centers pride themselves on detention and other punishments meted out to students not performing to their standards. If you subscribe to the mindset that students should often complain and sometimes cry during their SAT prep, mcstutoring is not for you or your child. 

Instead, we see SAT prep differently. Though the SAT is difficult, the preparation needn’t be.

A Personalized Approached For Your Student

Rather, we at mcstutoring take a more enlightened approach to preparing for the SAT. Most students who need a high SAT score are already busy with extracurriculars, sports, and AP classes. They needn’t be burdened with boring, even condescending SAT prep tutoring.

That’s why mcstutoring caters to your student’s needs. Perhaps your child needs help with using the TI-84 graphing calculator. Maybe it’s work on the SAT Writing and Language Test. Your child could need help with the overall math sections (3 and 4) of the test. At mcstutoring, we can focus on your student’s needs. And do so in a manner that’s engaging and non-judgmental.

How SAT Prep Works

Shorter Version:


Longer Version:

First, your student will take a practice test. It will be from the College Board so that your student is taking a real test with real questions. Most test prep companies have test with questions that are harder than you’ll find on a real SAT. Also, their grading scale tends to be more severe than that of the College Board. Lastly, the topics on these companies’ tests often don’t reflect the topics you’ll find on a real SAT. Don’t believe me? Read this article from the Wall Street Journal.

Second, by taking and then scoring your test, your student will establish their baseline score. As this is a recent test (taken within 2 weeks of your introductory session with mcstutoring), we will find out your student’s current strengths and weaknesses. Though your child might have taken a REAL SAT over a month ago, you’ll want her/him to take a recent test so that the material is still fresh in their mind. Anything over 2 weeks old simply will not do.

Third, you’ll set your introductory session. Your student’s first session will be for an hour. That will give us enough time to cover at least 2 sections of the practice test (likely, we’ll start with the 2 math sections). During this time your student can gauge whether they are benefitting from SAT prep with mcstutoring and would like to continue.

There is no high-pressure sales here. Definitely take your time to decide whether you’d like to continue. And feel free to try out different tutoring services and centers. We’re confident we can help and don’t need to rely on high-pressure sales tactics, Russian closes, or other mind games to win your business.

Ease And Flexibility Of Scheduling

Many of us have busy and often variable schedules. If this is the case for you or your student, you will enjoy the ease and flexibility of scheduling sessions with mcstutoring. The Acuity scheduler is fantastic.

First, you can schedule sessions as often or as seldom as you wish. That allows for flexibility in scheduling. If you need a session one week and want to wait until you know what works for you next, that’s fine. The scheduler allows for that.

Second, you can schedule sessions for 30, 6o, or 90 minutes. Sometimes students have only a few questions they want to cover. The 30-minute sessions are ideal for students who are already scoring in the 1450+ range. On the other hand, if you want a longer session, you can have a 90-minute session.

Third, payment is a breeze. You can pay via PayPal using the scheduler. If you already have a PayPal account, you are fine. If not, PayPal accepts credit cards and even checks. Should you have a balance in your account at the end of the school year, you will be refunded the remaining balance.

Working With A Tutor Who Communicates With You

Rather than drone on about mcstutoring using a National Merit Finalist who is a Pomona College graduate, we encourage you to contact us. That way you can learn for yourself that Martin is approachable as well as knowledgeable. By establishing open communication and texting us, you can know how your child is progressing and what needs to be done each step of the way. This is concierge SAT prep.

Set Up Your SAT Preparation Session

You can contact us if you have further questions.

Or, if you’re ready to commence with SAT prep, set up an initial session. There is no high-pressure sales here. Just let your student have an initial session. Then she can judge for herself whether she wants to continue.