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With Linear Equations, you can enter data in 4 different forms: Slope-Intercept, Point Slope, 2 Points, or Standard Form.

For the first option, let’s choose Slope-intercept, with a Slope of 2 and intercept of -3. Notice how the output covers all the questions an instructor could ask: slope-intercept form, standard form, slope & parallel slope, perpendicular slope, and even the x-y coordinates of the x and y intercepts.

For the second option of linear equations of the SATMATH program, let’s choose a point-slope form with a slope of 2 and a point of -3 and 4. Check out the output: again, everything your instructor would want to see.

Choosing 2 points, we’ll enter X1, Y1, X2, then Y2. Let’s say it’s (0,2) and (3,-6)

It shows the output in all the forms your instructor could want: Slope-intercept form, standard form. Also gives you the slope, perpendicular slope, and the X and Y intercepts.

For those wondering what would happen with horizontal or vertical lines, let’s enter a horizontal line with points (0,0) and (4,0). Every aspect is covered, even to the point of posting perpendicular slope as undefined, and x-intercept as undefined (non-existent).

For the other exceptional case, with a vertical line, we’ll enter the points (5,0) and (5,8). It gives you everything you want, including labelling the line as a vertical line, with undefined slope.

Last, choosing standard form, we can set A=1, B=5,and C=-6. Again, everything you want.

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