PARA2A: Your Updated (May ’24) Parabola Solver

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If you need to know about parabolas in standard form, here is your program.

It’ll give you direction of opening, max or min, vertex as a coordinate pair, axis of symmetry, y-intercept, and x-intercept(s), if any.


PARA2A in Action in Video Below:

TI 84 Parabola Solver: PARA2A will help you solve all the questions asked about parabolas in your math class. Just enter the coefficients of the Y= Ax² + BX + C of your parabola in standard form and your PARA2A program will solve everything for you. A is your x² coefficient (often it’s 1); B is your x-coefficient; C is your constant, otherwise known as number. In the first example in the video, since there is no stated x-squared coefficient, it is 1. The x-coefficient is 5 (your B value) and your constant/number is 6 (your C value).


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