CALCEQ1: Your Calculus Equations Program

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Here it is: your calculus formula program. Your mind can rest at ease and you can focus on the process of calculus rather than memorizing formulas.
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You can see CALCEQ1 Calculus Equation Program in action below:

You ever say to yourself,

“Dang, if I just knew all the derivative and integral formulas, calculus would be that much easier. Even the ones I think I know, I’m getting killed by the signs, or forgetting the absolute value bars.”

Well, my friend, don’t ever say that again. Now, you can have CALCEQ1, the calculus program for your TI84 calculator that shows you all the basic formulas for derivatives and integrals. You can scroll through the menus of almost 50 basic derivatives and integrals. They’re enough to help you through your calculus 1, business calculus, or AP Calculus AB course. And, they’d certainly help you with a calculus 2 or AP Calculus BC course.

So, if you’d prefer to save your brain space for knowing how to apply the formulas, rather than memorizing the formulas, CALCEQ1 is the program for you.

You can see it here in action, along with all the formulas shown in the menus.


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