ASOLVE: Your Algebraic Problem Solver TI84 Program

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Want to save time and increase your accuracy in math class? Do you long for the days of math without variables?

Worry no more! ASOLVE will help you solve any and all your first-degree equations. So long as there is only one variable in your equation (X; it can be on both sides and show up multiple times on each side of your equations), ASOLVE can help. The only trick is if there is an absolute value expression. For that you can use ABSOLVE, your absolute value solver.

Will solve first degree equations, such as 2X+4 = 6 (X-2)

Basic Trig equations, such as sin(X) = 1/2

Basic Exponential Equations, such as 5^(X+1) = 625



Your ASOLVE Algebra Equation SOLVER Program in Action below:

ASOLVE: You want to solve for X? ASOLVE can solve all your first-degree algebraic equations. That means if you have only X terms in your equations (no X-Squareds), then ASOLVE can solve your equations. 

Improve your speed and accuracy in your algebra class, whether it’s algebra 1, algebra 2, or college algebra. You’ll have plenty of occasions to use your ASOLVE program. It can save you time, it can save your bacon!

Just be sure to download TI Connect CE. It’s free from Here’s a link to instructions showing how to set up your TI84 calculator for programs.

For more information about ASOLVE, you can check out this post.


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