LINEQ: Linear Equation Solver


Enter any input: 


Slope-Intercept Form

Point-Slope Form

Two Point Form

Standard AX+BY=C Form


And LINEQ gives you everything you want:


Slope-Intercept Form: Y=MX+B

Standard Form: AX + BY =C

Parallel and Perpendicular Slope

X & Y Intercepts: (0,Y) and (X,0)



LINEQ: If you ever need to answer everything about linear equations in your math class, LINEQ is the program for you. You can enter your linear equation with any set of givens and your output will be anything your teacher could ask.

You can watch the video below to see LINEQ in action:


Just be sure to download TI Connect CE. It’s free from Here’s a link to instructions showing how to set up your TI84 calculator for programs.


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