Online SAT Preparation Simplified

Online SAT Preparation with mcstutoring requires one motivated student, an electronic device, and no commuting.

Taking A Practice SAT Test

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Motivated Student

This sounds more demanding than it is. For you, so long as you can complete at least 1/2 of an SAT weekly, you are qualified. Most of the work will be done on your own time. Your actual online tutoring time is usually one hour per week during the school year and 2-3 hours per week during the summer.

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Save The Drive + Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

The reality for most high-performing students is that free time during the school year is limited. Especially free time for studying outside of school. Mcstutoring’s Online SAT Preparation simplifies the test prep process. On your own time you can take practice sections and tests. Then, when we have an online session together, you can do so in the comfort of your own room. No driving time.

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Devices For Online SAT Preparation

My guess is that you already own a smartphone. This will allow you to FaceTime (iPhone) or Skype (iPhone or Android). Sometimes your facial cues while working through a question help me to identify exactly what needs clarification.

TI 84 Calculator
online sat preparation
online sat preparation

To use the online interactive whiteboard, you will want to use one of the following:

Wacom Tablet on any computer with USB port (the least expensive option, starting at $80, and a tie for the best all-around as this allows you to use a screen larger than an iPad Pro)
-Any tablet with stylus (iPad Pro with Apple Pen works best)
-Touchscreen computer with stylus

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SAT Practice Tests As PDFs

First, you will want to buy your introductory SAT session. Then, you will receive links to the Real SAT Practice Tests. Why REAL Practice Tests? We want an accurate measure of your progress. Most test prep companies have harder practice tests graded more severely than the real test.

The Real SAT Practice Tests are in PDFs which you can print out at home. You needn’t purchase any other materials unless you are planning on working long-term for an extremely high score. That is, more than the 5 hours most students work with me to improve their SAT score via online SAT preparation.

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How Online SAT Preparation Works, Short Version




How Online SAT Preparation Works For Your First Session

First, you will take a practice test. It will be from the College Board so that your student is taking a real test with real questions. Most test prep companies have test with questions that are harder than you’ll find on a real SAT. Also, their grading scale tends to be more severe than that of the College Board. Lastly, the topics on these companies’ tests often don’t reflect the topics you’ll find on a real SAT. Don’t believe me? Read this article from the Wall Street Journal.

Second, by taking and then scoring your test, you establish your baseline score. As this is a recent test (taken within 2 weeks of your introductory session with mcstutoring), you will find out your strengths and weaknesses. Though you might have taken a REAL SAT over a month ago, you’ll want to take a recent test so that the material is still fresh in your mind. Anything over 2 weeks old simply will not do.

Third, you’ll set your introductory session. Your first session will be for an hour. That will give you enough time to cover at least 2 sections of your practice test (likely, we’ll start with the 2 math sections). During this time you can gauge whether you are benefitting from SAT prep with mcstutoring and would like to continue. There is no high-pressure sales here. Definitely take your time to decide whether you’d like to continue. And feel free to try out different tutoring services and centers. We’re confident we can help and don’t need to rely on high-pressure sales tactics, Russian closes, or other mind games to win your business.

Fourth, we’ll have that first session. This way, you can see if online SAT preparation with mcstutoring is right for you.

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How Online SAT Preparation Works After Your First Session

Once you’ve decided you want to continue, you’ll buy a package of hours. If you want/need only a small score bump, a 5-hour package should suffice. In case you need a vast score improvement (200+ points), you’ll likely want a 20-hour package. Should you reach your score goal before you’ve used all the hours of your package, you will be refunded the remaining amount.

After that, you’ll continue to take either a half SAT or full SAT weekly, depending on your circumstances. We’ll review your missed and triaged questions during our sessions. And not all of them. In most cases, we’ll review the easier-to-understand questions. Remember, during this process, we are seeking progress, not perfection.

You can take the first step by setting your initial session. Using a discount code (you’ll see it on the page), you will have a 50% discount.

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Ease And Flexibility Of Scheduling


Many of us have busy schedules. If this is the case for you or your student, you will enjoy the ease and flexibility of scheduling sessions with mcstutoring. The Acuity scheduler is fantastic.

First, you can schedule sessions as often or as seldom as you wish. That allows for flexibility in scheduling. If you need a session one week and want to wait until you know what works for you next, that’s fine. The scheduler allows for that.

Second, you can schedule sessions for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Sometimes students have only a few questions they want to cover, such as students already scoring in the 1450+ range.  The availability of 30-minute sessions allows for them to set these short sessions when they need. On the other hand, if  your student needs a 90-minute session, you have the ability to do that as well.

Third, payment is a breeze. You can pay via PayPal using the scheduler. If you already have a PayPal account, you are fine. In cast you do not have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card or even a check. Should you have a balance in your account at the end of the school year, you will be refunded the remaining balance.

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Next Step For Online SAT Preparation:

You will want to select a first session time by clicking here: Schedule a Session

I look forward to working with you to help you reach your SAT Score Goal!

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