Online Algebra Tutoring

Online algebra tutoring with mcstutoring is straightforward. At first, we will be working on your math homework. You will write your algebra problem and I will guide you through it. You will find this more helpful than most approaches.

At first, I might do the majority of the writing. This is normal, especially if you are struggling.†Once you regain your math mojo, this changes. You will be doing the majority of the writing. Then, you will be setting up the math questions and showing your work. Iíll jump in only if you have a question or make a mistake.

Online Algebra Tutoring
online math tutoring
Online Algebra Tutoring

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The Details Of Online Algebra Tutoring

Why do I want to see your math work? Sometimes I’ll show you an easier or faster approach. †Iíll also recommend easy corrections. You will realize Iím on your side and want you to perform well in class. Itís important for you to know someone cares about your math work.

Regarding online algebra tutoring, you have a voice in the process. Most students appreciate the collaborative nature of this work. Think of it more as the two of us working together rather than a one-way data dump. The more you realize you can do math, the better!

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Easily Access Your Online Algebra Tutoring Work

You will have a digital copy of your work you can access from any device. This could be a laptop, iPad or even a phone.

Despite any fears you may have about working digitally, you will likely appreciate the easy access to your work. This allows you to access your notes anywhere. Right before a test, this is extremely helpful. You can see your own notes, in your own handwriting.

One student even showed his work from his phone to his teacher. She accepted it for credit. This saved him the need to transcribe it. He was ecstatic!

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Posting Pics Of Homework Questions And Formulas

Also, you can post images onto your digital board anytime. When you do this, we can both view any specific questions you have during our online math tutoring session together.

Online Algebra Tutoring

You can sample Ziteboard and Realtimeboard to get a feel for the online whiteboards you can use for your online math tutoring.

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Scheduling Your Online Algebra Tutoring Sessions Only When You Want Help

With the online scheduler, you can set online math tutoring sessions to be as long as you need. And as often as you need.

Having been busy in high school myself, I realize that your schedule can change weekly. The scheduler allows you to set sessions when you need them, as you need them. You can even set a session the same day. You just need to do so at least 4 hours in advance.

If you have a math tutoring emergency, you can text me. While you might not be able to meet with me for a full hour that same day, you can likely set up a same-day online math tutoring session for 30 minutes.

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Devices For Online Algebra Tutoring



Online algebra tutoring works best when using a laptop or desktop coupled with a Wacom Tablet. This tablet is available from Amazon or Best Buy (newer version). It works really well despite its small size and low price (about $60).

Using this tablet with the stylus, your online math tutoring experience will be similar to writing with a pen or pencil on paper. If you use a large(r) monitor, you will see crisp and clear math solutions. That is wonderful. Oh, and you get to keep all your work in the cloud, accessible via phone, tablet, desktop, laptop. It is quite convenient that you can access your work anywhere, anytime.

Other graphic design tablets may work well for you. However, the only direct experience I have is with a range of Wacom Tablets, so I feel I can only comment on those.

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Best Option Other Than A Wacom Tablet

If you donít have a laptop or desktop at your disposal, your next best choice will be a tablet of any sort combined with a stylus. Of the current options, an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is the best for writing on an online interactive whiteboard. The next choice would be any of the Microsoft Surface offerings, so long as you use a stylus.

After that, any variation of a touchscreen should work fine so long as there is ample RAM and fast processors.

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Near Necessity Of A Stylus For Online Math Tutoring


small group online math tutoring

With any tablet, a stylus is a must. It will be the difference between fingerpainting math versus writing math. Even an inexpensive stylus from Staples or Wal-Mart will be responsive enough to help you if you are using a touchscreen. Here is one Iíve used in 2017/2018. It is only $15 for a 2-pack and comes with many replacement nibs.

Next Steps To Get Started

Go ahead and take the first step and set up an introductory session. Take the first step and admit you need help. Then, take that second step and set up a session for online algebra tutoring.

When you take that second step, please use GOOGLE, YELP, or REFERRAL as your discount code. That way you can have 50% off your first session.

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Meanwhile, please learn the full functionality of your TI-84 calculator here. Donít worry, the YouTube channel is ad-free and most of the videos are less than 80 seconds long.

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