Location Details for First-Timers

We are located on the southeast corner of Magnolia and Garfield. The official address is 9402 Garfield Avenue.

Unfortunately, building no longer has the name US Bank emblazoned on its side. For now, our office building is nameless. 

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The triptych above is from the parking lot. The middle picture is the building where mcstutoring.com is located. Basically, we share a large parking lot with Health Care Partners. The picture on the right barely shows the Health Care Partners facility. Then, the picture on the left is the view if you look to your left from the parking lot: you can barely see Home Depot.

Basically, if you are in a parking lot near Health Care Partners, you should be able to turn around and see us. Yes, we are in the nondescript 3-story stucco office building.

If you navigate better with landmarks: you can see Home Depot across the street on the west side of Magnolia while we are on the east; you can see Savers on the north side of Garfield while we are on the south side.

When you park, you’ll want to park just south of the 3-story stucco office building. Then, you will want to enter the building from the south entrance. This is the one closest to facing the Health Partners building that is on the other end of the parking lot.

Once inside, you will take the elevator to the second floor. From there, you should see the mcstutoring sign on the door of Suite 207. Come on in.

As you open the door to Suite 207, you’ll proceed to the back until you see the office in the back on the right.


The suite is air-conditioned, there are chairs in the waiting area, and, if it is not occupied, there is a large conference table available with comfortable office chairs.

There is free wi-fi there. Just let me know you’re interested and I’ll hand you a card with the network and password.

Should you need to use the facilities, please just ask and I’ll hand you a key. There should be a key on the desk nearest the door. If not, I have an extra one in my office.

Lastly, if you plan to enter the building after-hours weekdays or anytime on a weekend, please text me. I’ll send you the code to the door and to the elevator. Just identify who you are if you haven’t texted me before.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

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