Introducing the University

Below is the document entitled Introducing the University. It was published circa 2010 to give prospective students and their families insights into the UC admissions numbers. Though it is dated, it still has information you may find helpful. The competition has likely improved since its publication.

Also, please do not use the data to convince yourself that you will gain admission to a specific UC. It is here to guide you. In a lot of cases, it shows just how competitive admission is for many of the UC campuses. If you happen to be from California, realize that the competition may be even more difficult. A lot of your classmates want to attend one of the UCs, so they make it more competitive for you. Part of what the document doesn’t show is that if there are a lot of classmates from your high school applying to a particular UC, the admissions office might tend to list them in order of GPA from highest to lowest. And they will tend to limit the number of acceptances from a particular school. Even if all of those students have stellar GPAs and test scores. That is a common practice at other elite schools, so it seems UC admissions would do the same.

Introducing the UC System