How It Works


We will work together on your math using an online whiteboard. Basically, you値l post your questions and we値l work through them together. 

At first, I might be doing more of the talking & writing as you might be a little lost. That痴 ok. As you gain an understanding of how the math and technology work, you値l participate more. 

Also, the more we work together, the more you値l realize that I知 on your side and want you to do better in math. Once you realize I知 here to help —-and not to judge—- you値l be bolder in speaking up, asking me questions, and letting yourself do your math magic. 

It will help you relax after you see me making math mistakes.— I, too, am a math mortal.

It will take about 3-5 sessions till you値l be doing most of the work and you値l feel more comfortable asking questions. This is a collaborative process and you値l learn that you are likely not in as bad shape as you think. Just some details we need to attend to.

A lot of our sessions will work on clarifying your math mechanics and correcting small mistakes. You might be making small mistakes early in solving your math problems unaware how that痴 affecting your answers. No biggie. That痴 what we値l work on together.

Over time, you値l get your mojo back and math won稚 be a scary monster. You値l realize you池e a hero who can slay the math beast. It値l still be a battle, you will make mistakes… yet you値l emerge victorious!