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Economics tutoring if you need help with either microeconomics or macroeconomics. You might already have money sense. And, you might have a good grasp of mathematics. But, listening to your economics professor discuss money, you start to doubt yourself. ‘Do I know anything about the economy?’ you might ask yourself.

Worry not. Your economics tutor is here to help you. If you’re interested in online tutoring, please click here.

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economics tutoring
economics tutoring
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Economics Tutoring For All Students

With help from your private tutor at Mcstutoring, you can gain a foothold in the dismal science. You’ll learn what the production possibilities curve means. In time, you’ll learn  how you can apply the production possibilities frontier to different situations. And how to interpret it in different economies.

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Microeconomic Tutoring

Supply and demand will start to make sense. As you begin to understand what forces moves the curves independently and how it changes market equilibrium, you will no longer be frustrated. Price, quantity demanded, and quantity supplied won’t be mysteries. You’ll even be able to understand market surpluses and shortages. After that, you’ll learn how these shortages and surpluses affect consumers and producers. Then you will know how they affect supply and demand.

Basically, if you’re in chaos and confusion now, don’t worry. You will soon reach clarity in your thinking. Within a few sessions you’ll begin to understand the terminology. Once you have that down, the jargon won’t cause you anxiety.

After a few sessions you’ll see the transfer of goods and services through an economist’s viewpoint. You’ll see the benefits of having tools you can use to help make sense of the larger economic picture.

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Macroeconomic Tutoring

If you’re in macroeconomics, you might have difficulty distinguishing between leading and trailing economic indicators. You might wonder about the interest rate. Why is it so central to the study of economics? Why do economists talk about it endlessly? What causes the interest rate to rise and fall? How does it affect lending rates, consumer confidence, spenin, and saving?

First you’ll learn the terms. What does all the jargon mean?

Once you learn that, you can start to put the puzzle of economics together. And how it all fits into the broader economic picture. As you start to understand how one cog works in the economy, you’ll see how it affects other cogs. Then you start to regain your intellectual self-confidence.

From there you’ll proceed to follow economic pundits. When they make declarations about the economy in general, you’ll understand what they mean. Further, you’ll even start to catch on when they make mistakes.

While you might be interested primarily in solely passing the class, you can make more sense of economics. First you survive, and then you can thrive.

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Digital Record Of Your Economics Tutoring

economics tutoring

You will have a digital copy of your work you can access from any device. This could be a laptop, iPad or even a phone.

Despite any fears you may have, you will likely appreciate the easy access to your work. This allows you to access your notes anywhere, any time. Right before a test, this is extremely helpful. You can see your own notes, in your own handwriting. If there is something important for you to learn, you can highlight it in bright pink. That way, you will find it faster.

One student even showed his work from his phone to his teacher. She accepted it for credit.* This saved him the need to transcribe it. He was ecstatic!

*Please note that this type of math teacher is rare. For this particular student’s next class he had to print out his notes. Still beat having to transcribe them, though.

Another advantage to using an online whiteboard is that you can post images onto your board between sessions. This way, we can both view any specific questions you have during your next session.

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Ease And Flexibility Of Scheduling

Dropdown Calendar for First Session

Many of us have busy and often variable schedules. If this is the case for you or your student, you will enjoy the ease and flexibility of scheduling with mcstutoring. Whether you are seeking help for test preparation or math tutoring, scheduling with the Acuity scheduler is fantastic.

First, you can schedule sessions as often as you wish. That allows for flexibility in scheduling. If you need a session one week and then not for another month, that’s fine. The scheduler allows for that.

Second, you can schedule sessions for 30 or 60-minute increments. Sometimes students have only a few questions they want to cover. The availability of 30-minute sessions allows for them to set these short sessions when they need. Also, if your student needs a 90-minute session, you can schedule a 90-minute session. Students appreciate the flexibility of scheduling.

Fourth, you will receive reminders about your sessions. You will receive an email confirmation when you set a session. Then, on the day of the session, you’ll receive a text reminder. This helps you keep on track with your scheduled sessions.

Third, payment is a breeze. You can pay via PayPal using the scheduler. If you already have a PayPal account, you are fine. If not, PayPal accepts credit cards and even checks. Should you have a balance in your account at the end of the school year, you will be refunded the remaining balance.

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Setting Your First Economics Tutoring Session

Definitely set up your initial session sooner rather than later. It’s best to set up the first session as soon as you think you might need help. Even if it’s later on. This way, you know you have help when you need it. Then you’ll be confident in setting your second session.

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