Do a Kickflip

Do a Kickflip. And do the math

Suspect is a young man in his early 50s driving around north San Diego county, taunting skaters to do a kickflip. Might go by Tony Hawk or Birdman.

I did what grandpa asked me to do, I did a kickflip, and then he threw a deck at me. 

What kind of sicko throws a deck at a child?

Reporter #1: What do you do if he propositions you to do a kickflip?

Don’t approach him, don’t run away, and don’t urinate. Wait, that’s for when tigers are loose on the streets of Georgia.

Just tell him you don’t know how to do a kickflip.

Reporter #2: Any other advice?

Stay home and do the math. And if your math problems are giving you problems, contact mcstutoring. Mcstutoring helps students learn math.