Crazy Marty Algebra Tutoring

Crazy Marty Algebra Tutoring

You want to find x, I help you find x, x-squared, square root of x.

You want to know function of x & y…I help you…whether it’s linear, quadratic, exponential

You don’t like x? I help you find y, z, or a, b, or c. No variable too tricky.

Calculators?! You want to know calculators? You can learn Ti-36. Not just for numbers, but find x. 

You can use TI 36 to solve quadratics or system of equations…faster than TI 84.

TI 84? You need help with TI 84? I have hundreds of TI84 videos.

Heck, I even have dozens of TI84 programs. Don’t get me started….

Am I crazy. No, you’re crazy. I only wanted Pepsi.