Using College Panda SAT Math Advanced Guide and Workbook

The College Panda Math book is great. It has questions from REAL SAT practice tests, topics grouped into sequential chapters, practice questions, answer explanations, etc. While many other books have the same, College Panda stands out. For the most part, the questions are from the same subjects found on the SAT and the same difficulty… Continue reading Using College Panda SAT Math Advanced Guide and Workbook

How It Works

We will work together on your math using an online whiteboard. Basically, you’ll post your questions and we’ll work through them together.  At first, I might be doing more of the talking & writing as you might be a little lost. That’s ok. As you gain an understanding of how the math and technology work,… Continue reading How It Works

SAT and ACT Cancellations

As you likely already know, both the ACT and SAT have had numerous cancellations recently due to Covid and the West Coast wildfires. These will definitely postpone your test plans, especially if you are a senior (Class of ’21). The colleges know these situations have affected a lot of students. Since they still want you… Continue reading SAT and ACT Cancellations

Downloading TI 84 Programs

Downloading TI 84 programs is easier than you think. In this example I’ll show you how to download a quadratic formula program onto your TI 84. Once you learn how to do it, you can download other programs onto your TI 84. By October of 2020, we should have at least 5 general math programs… Continue reading Downloading TI 84 Programs