Math Subject Tutoring

Math subject tutoring available in math classes from pre-algebra to calculus 2. This includes statistics and every course in between. Generally, this covers all math offered in high school. However, these classes are offered all the way from about 7th grade to the first year or two of college. Math Subject Tutoring, Specific Classes The… Continue reading Math Subject Tutoring

Show Your Math Work

Show your math work only if you want to improve your grade and/or your math mechanics. If you’re satisfied with your current grade or your current math abilities, just keep doing what you’re doing. After all, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Why You Want To Show Your Math Work You want to show your math… Continue reading Show Your Math Work

Learn How To Learn

Learning how to learn is one of the most important skills you acquire in high school after socialization. And itís the same in college. Yes, a lot of the material both in high school and college you likely wonít use in your everyday life. If youíve been paying attention, this isnít a surprise. Why Should… Continue reading Learn How To Learn

Mechanics of Small Group Online Math Tutoring

The mechanics of small group online math tutoring are simple: each of the students in the online math tutoring group will have access to the main Ziteboard. Theyíll also have individual boards, but weíll focus on the group Ziteboard for now. Group Ziteboard Here the students will post questions and work on them. Basically, itíd… Continue reading Mechanics of Small Group Online Math Tutoring

Small Group Online Math Tutoring

Small Group Online Math tutoring allows two or three students to have tutoring at one time. This way, you can economize by splitting the cost between multiple studentsí families.  In some cases, small group tutoring is preferable, especially if your student is motivated by having a classmate participate. Sometimes, students are a little shy about… Continue reading Small Group Online Math Tutoring

SAT Prep Baseline Score 2020

Download Your Test Before Taking Your Practice SAT Test Taking your practice SAT Test involves using a Real Practice Test. These are the real tests provided by the College Board. All other tests are only approximations of the types and difficulty levels of the questions found on a real SAT. You can download your first… Continue reading SAT Prep Baseline Score 2020

Posting Your Math Questions

Nowadays, you’re likely working on a partially, if not fully, online math class. The beauty of this is that you can take a screenshot of your questions and post them to your board. As we work through them, I can point out ways you can be more efficient or clear up your process questions.¬† Showing… Continue reading Posting Your Math Questions

Online Tutoring Communication

Online Tutoring communication is best via FaceTime or Google Meet. Those are your two best options. Use your phone only in an emergency. Or Zoom fatigue. Or during a bad hair day. FaceTime For Online Tutoring Communication If you have FaceTime and are comfortable using it, definitely use it. It’s seamless, easy, and effective. FaceTime… Continue reading Online Tutoring Communication