We Shall Find X

We shall defend our grades, whatever the cost may be, we shall find X on the homework, we shall find X on the quizzes and on the tests, we shall find X even on the examinations; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this class or a… Continue reading We Shall Find X

Help with Functions

You want help with functions? You want to know whether a relation is a function, if it passes the vertical line test, horizontal line test, …I can help you. You need to graph function, its inverse, find its max and min, axis of symmetry? I can help you, with or without calculator. You want domain… Continue reading Help with Functions


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Do a Kickflip

Suspect is a young man in his early 50s driving around north San Diego county, taunting skaters to do a kickflip. Might go by Tony Hawk or Birdman. I did what grandpa asked me to do, I did a kickflip, and then he threw a deck at me.  What kind of sicko throws a deck… Continue reading Do a Kickflip


You want to find angle Theta, I help you find it, no matter where it is: vertex, angle of depression, angle of elevation… even if it’s complementary… or supplementary! You want to find length of side of triangle, I help you, using sine, cosine, tangent. You can even use cosecant, secant, cotangent. Heck, we can… Continue reading Trigonometry

You Shall Not Pass

Excuse me, Mr. TheGray, what’s my grade right now? You cannot pass! Wait, last week I had a 93 on the portal. Mr. TheGray, muttering: I will send you to the secret fire…Go back to the shadow. Huh? YOU SHALL NOT PASS! If this resembles your math teacher, you need mcstutoring. We can help you… Continue reading You Shall Not Pass