Last-Minute Sessions 2022

Last-minute sessions are possible even though the scheduler requires you make a session at least 90 minutes before the start of the session. For example, using the scheduler, if you want to set a session for 3:30 pm today, you’d have to set it by 2 pm. So, to set a session earlier than that,… Continue reading Last-Minute Sessions 2022

Your 10% Discount Code

You can have a 10% discount on your next order. This 10% applies to both packages of hours and individual tutoring sessions. Just type SCHOOL10 into the coupon code box and you will receive 10% off. As there are only 10 of these codes available, it will be first come, first served. So, the next… Continue reading Your 10% Discount Code

Group Math Tutoring

Group math tutoring can work for you. You might want math tutoring, yet might feel a little overwhelmed by the process. Perhaps you feel a little bit shy. Or, you might be a little uncomfortable with asking questions. You might just need the dynamic energy of another student. Or, might feel burdened by asking all… Continue reading Group Math Tutoring