Hello, my name is Martin McSweeney and I offer tutoring designed to prepare students for admission to competitive colleges.

I provide…
  • Test Preparation (ACT and SAT)
  • Math Tutoring

Most of my students are in high school but every semester I work with a few college students along with the random middle school student. I am home-school and Asperger friendly. Rates are available here.

On average, half of my students come to me in crisis. Sometimes they have asked their parents for help. Other times, the parent has realized the student’s grade is in dire straits. In either case, most students are thankful they have found a tutor who is both competent and compassionate. The nonjudgmental atmosphere of the tutoring helps those in need regain their confidence, rehab their grade and bolster their understanding.

The other half of my students use my math tutoring as grade insurance. Mostly they want an A rather than a B, or a B rather than a C. The convenience of scheduling sessions online when needed appeals to these students. They prefer the convenience of using their mobile or ipad to set up a session online over having a set time on a certain day of the week they have to meet for tutoring whether they  need help or not.

Tutoring sessions are conducted in a private study room within the Huntington Beach Central Library. I mostly tutor students individually. However, I can tutor up to two students at a time for math, thereby lowering the rate per student.

My FAQ page should answer many of the questions you may have. Please contact me if you have further questions or would like to get started.

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